Solana-Unity integration Framework

Getting Started


Open-Source Unity-Solana SDK with NFT support & Full RPC coverage.


Step-by-step guides to setting up your system and installing the Solana.Unity-SDK.

Wallet Configuration

Learn how to set up your game wallets.

Core concepts

Solana.Unity-SDK core concepts.


Guides to help you get started.


Solana.Unity SDK is comprehensive set of open-source tools to easily access Solana in your Unity-based games. You can install the SDK with the Unity Package Manager and set up your preferred wallet among the available options. Solana.Unity-SDK uses Solana.Unity-Core implementation, native .NET Standard 2.0 (Unity compatible) with full RPC API coverage, MPL, native DEXes operations and more. The project started as a fork of unity-solana-wallet, but it has been detached due to the several changes we made and the upcoming pipeline of wallet integrations, including SMS and Raindrops.

The SDK supports:

  • Full JSON RPC API coverage
  • Wallet and accounts: Set up of a non-custodial Solana wallet in Unity (sollet and solana-keygen compatible)
  • Phantom and Web3auth support (non-custodial signup/login through social accounts)
  • Transaction decoding from base64 and wire format and encoding back into wire format
  • Message decoding from base64 and wire format and encoding back into wire format
  • Instruction decompilation
  • TokenWallet object to send and receive SPL tokens and JIT provisioning of Associated Token Accounts
  • Basic UI examples
  • NFTs
  • Compile games to xNFTs (Backpack)
  • Native DEX operations (Orca, Jupiter, ...)
Contribution Guide